Waste Management

Here you will find the most basic information translated into English about how to deal with the different kinds of waste that a normal household produces.

On these pages you can read about how we deal with waste management in the Municipality of Randers.

Household Waste

Household Waste (Restaffald) is the waste that you put in your bin, when you have separated it from the organic waste and recyclable waste.

Organic Waste

Organic waste is first and foremost food waste. This is food waste of any kind, like bread, meat leftovers, vegetable peels et cetera.

Household Recycling

In the Municipality of Randers we collect your paper and packaging (glass, metal and hard plastic) for recycling every 4 weeks.

Recycling Centres

At the four recycling centres in the Municipality of Randers you can deposit waste which is not household waste or unhygienic waste.

Municipal Curbside Collection - Bulky Waste

You can make use of our municipal curbside collection, when we collect bulky waste in your district.

Hazardous Waste

Waste, which can be damaging to the environment or signifies a health risk, must be discarded as hazardous waste according.

Garden Waste And Compost

Here you can read why your garden will love you, if you compost your garden waste.