Hazardous Waste Box (Miljøkassen)

The hazardous waste box is a red plastic box for you to store and transport your hazardous waste.

If your property has been allotted it's own bin, you can order a hazardous waste box and have it collected by your binman.

What Can You Put In the Box?

In the box you can put small tins of paint or bottles with chemicals, batteries (in a clear plastic bag), energy saving light bulbs, engine oil, small items of electronic waste and so forth. The waste must be packaged securely, as the boxes are unpacked by hand. If you don't have the original packaging, you should label the item(s), so that the recipient will know how to treat it.

How To Get Your Box Collected

You will have to fill in the label on the top of the box with your name and address. The weight of the box and its contents should not exceed 4 kilograms. When full, you should leave the box on top of your bin on the day we collect your household waste. The binman will take the box and leave you a new one in return.

How Do I Get Hold of One?

You can order your hazardous waste box either by phone at 89 15 16 17 or send us an email: affald@randers.dk