Hard plastic

You can put all your hard plastic bottles, tubs and containers in the recycle bin along with metal and glass - just as long as they are empty and rinsed clean.

Examples Of Hard Plastic (plastic is considered hard if you can drum your fingers on it)

- Laundry Detergent bottles (empty and rinsed once)
- Ketchup and mustard bottles
- Shampoo bottles
- Soft drink bottles
- Screenwash container (empty and rinsed once)
- Meat trays 
- Biscuit trays
- Vegetable and fruit plastic trays
- Flower plant pots free of dirt

All of the above should be empty and rinsed or washed depending on how dirty they are.

You can also squeeze the air out of them to make more room in your recycle bin. If you pierce the container it's easier to do so.

If you collect little plastic bits and bobs for recycling, please put them in a bigger plastic container that you are recycling anyway. The plastic is sorted by hand and with work gloves on it's nearly impossible to get hold of very small items. 

Remember - it's a person just like you who is sorting the recyclables by hand, so please make sure they are clean to ensure a clean and healthy work environment.