You can put clean metal from packaging in the recycle bin together with both glass and hard plastic.

You can put the following metal items in the recycle bin together with glass and hard plastic:

- Empty soda and beer cans (preferably crushed, as they take up less space this way)
- Tins, if rinsed clean
- Aluminium trays, but only if clean
- Bottle tops
- Jar lids
- Aluminium tea light candle cups (a small amount of candle wax is allowed)
- Clean aluminium foil (scrunched up)

Remember - it's a person just like you who is sorting the recyclables by hand, so please make sure they are clean to ensure a clean and healthy work environment.

Interesting Facts:

We can save 90-97 % energy by recycling aluminium instead of extracting new aluminium.
Every year in Denmark alone we throw 13.500 tons of aluminium straight into the bin. That's aluminium enough to produce 5 million bicycles - almost one for every Dane!