Municipal Curbside Collection - Bulky Waste

You can make use of our municipal curbside collection, when we collect bulky waste in your district.

We do this ten times a year in all districts. All you have to do is book the service at the latest two working days prior to our planned collection date.

What Is Bulky Waste?

We collect movable property (home contents) for curbside collection. By movable property we mean everything you may put on a removal van, for example furniture, cardboard boxes, iron, electronics and metal. You will have to collect the smaller items of the same group in clear bin bags. If the items are above 1x1x1 meter in size or weigh more than 20 kg, you should dismantle them where possible. 

You will have to divide your bulky waste into four separated groups:
- Clean cardboard for recycling
- Electronic waste
- Iron and metal 
- Furniture et cetera

Book A Collection

For us to make a collection you have to book it first. Follow the link and type in your address and house number. Don't forget to tick the box for the date you want your collection to take place.

Book Curbside Collection

If you have problems using the booking system, you can always book your collection by phoning 89 15 16 17 during office hours. 

In our annual door to door distributed magazine about waste, 'EXIT', you will find the curbside collection calendar and a road registry for the whole of the municipality (starting at page 34). Remember that even though we are collecting in your district, you will still need to book a collection!

On The Day Of The Collection

Leave the items to be collected by the entry to your driveway - do not obstruct the pavement. We start early, so you can either leave your bulky waste out on the evening before or before 7 am on the actual day.

If you leave a bike for collection, please label it. That way the driver won't have to worry if he has picked up a parked bike.

And remember - leave your bulky waste in clearly separated groups as written above. Otherwise we may not collect.

Examples Of Bulky Waste We Didn't Collect?