Examples Of Bulky Waste

Bulky Waste is movable property. We have listed the items, which you can expect to be collected by our curbside collection service.

Your Bulky Waste Should Be Clearly Separated In The Following Four Groups:

Clean cardboard and clean serrated cardboard for recycling

The cardboard should be squashed flat and tied together by string or put in a clear bin sack. Alternatively you could put smaller items of cardboard inside a bigger box.

Electronic Waste

Anything with an electrical cord or a battery is electronic waste. For example:
• Light Up shoes
• Musical greeting cards
• Mobile phones and music players
• Computers, monitors and printers
• Electronic tools
• White goods
• Most toys which can or could blink or make sounds

Iron And Metal

For example:

• Beer- and soda cans
• Clean tins
• Metal drying racks
• TV ariels
• Pots and pans
• Gardening tools
• Lawn mowers
• Prams 
• Bicycles (please put a label on it, so the driver doesn't have to worry that you may have just parked your bicycle too close to the bulky waste)
• Furniture built mainly from iron or metal
• Other items that mainly consist of iron and other metals.

Furniture et cetera

The last group 'Furniture et cetera' are items that aren't already listed in the above 3 categories or otherwise listed as bulky waste. Wherever possible you should dismantle the items into smaller sections. Put the smaller items in a clear bin sack. For example:
• Rolled up carpet and rugs
• Polystyrene foam packaging
• Furniture 
• Garden furniture 
• Empty ring binders
• Things made out of plastic, for example toys (toys with batteries are electronic waste)

This Is NOT Bulky Waste!

• Construction waste (bricks and mortar, old windows, or kitchen elements)
• Garden waste
• Sanitary ware (toilets, bathroom sinks, tiles or porcelain)
• Pressure-treated wood
• Parasol bases
• Tyres or other car parts

You can get rid of your construction waste at one of our four recycling centres. Follow this link to find out more: Recycling CentresIf you are a business fees will apply.